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Haiku #2: Leaving

With tears in your eyes

You barely mutter goodbye,

I am lost again.


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My head in the clouds

My heart a runaway kite,

But where is my soul?

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When the fountain of youth runs dry,

and every cloud is ripped from the sky,

We will empty our souls of malice and pain,

and stare at the Sun as we pray for the rain.

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I knew I never meant the most.

Sometimes I think I’m just a ghost.

Do you see right through me?

Maybe your lies disguise me.

Promises broken much like my heart.

The bottom is the best place to start.

I can’t reach the top on a broken ladder.

Seeing you would only make me sadder.

I only hope that someday you are haunted

By the boy with a heart that you never wanted.

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Come, sing to me, my songbird

Away with silence! I am desperate.

Your melody sends me to the stars

Look at how they shine for only you

I pray, let me be the brightest

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