I still remember that very first day

I lost my breath

Lost the words to say

Lost in your angelic expression

Realizing that my heart’s reflection

Framed the figure of your beauty

A portrait painted by the stars

Upon a canvas of endless waters

And like water falling from the sky upon the earth

All the same I fall for you and the perfection of your presence

A feeling brought upon without any warning

You are the sun that rises in the mourning

Your smile is a place of warmth and comfort

Not even the coldness of winter’s hands

Could numb the blaze of love’s fiery passion

And how it does rush through my veins with every word you speak

If love is patient, then I would wait forever

For no precious jewel in Heaven can measure what you’re worth

With each breath, I will strive to match the beating of my heart with your own

That we might be a living love song


The Free World

Friends, like fashions, do fade away

But not before turning red as autumn leaves

Nights grow longer, our skin grows colder

And whispered lies are caught by the breeze

Feelings, like forests, do burn away

But not before endless tears have fed the trees

Love is dying like planes flying

To destroy men’s destinies

Fortunes, like souls, are stolen away

But not before we drown in seas of green

As they wave their dollars, we wave the flag

Of the country that once was free

Lives, like stars, do pass away

For society has poisoned our drinks

The only time we believe in God

Is right before our last conscious blink

Haiku #2: Leaving

With tears in your eyes

You barely mutter goodbye,

I am lost again.

My head in the clouds

My heart a runaway kite,

But where is my soul?


When the fountain of youth runs dry,

and every cloud is ripped from the sky,

We will empty our souls of malice and pain,

and stare at the Sun as we pray for the rain.


I knew I never meant the most.

Sometimes I think I’m just a ghost.

Do you see right through me?

Maybe your lies disguise me.

Promises broken much like my heart.

The bottom is the best place to start.

I can’t reach the top on a broken ladder.

Seeing you would only make me sadder.

I only hope that someday you are haunted

By the boy with a heart that you never wanted.


Come, sing to me, my songbird

Away with silence! I am desperate.

Your melody sends me to the stars

Look at how they shine for only you

I pray, let me be the brightest